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Spean Bridge

Fort William, Highlands, Scotland

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9 Hole Golf Course Just North Of Fort William, Quiet Village Location With Par 3 And 4s

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Station Road, Spean Bridge, Fort WilliamHighlands


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A Quiet 9 Hole For Practice

Located just a few miles north of Fort William on the west coast of Scotland is Spean Bridge Golf Club, itís a small club with a few hundred members and skeleton staff, as you would expect being a small rural club in a small village, and located just off of the main west coast road travelling to Inverness which is a stunning journey. There are a handful of courses in this area to play including Fort William itself just 10 minutes south.

From the car walking across the small bridge and over the railway track you are presented with the first tee and the small wooden clubhouse, although it did look quite splendid with the wooden strips and the shiny letters on the side!

At a cost of £18 for the day or £10 for 9 holes it was ok value and standard for this type of course, even though out of season clearly the greens needed a lot of work, but then again if you are going to play small 9 hole club golf you arenít exactly playing because of the quality, in many cases.

The first hole looks like it was designed to make or break you for the round, itís a short par three to an elevated green, but its one of those that if you miss it you just roll every which way but towards the green. The course then starts to open out following an unusual path with mostly par fours and a final par three to finish behind the clubhouse. All the greens were quite uneven and very firm, each one is almost shaped like a dinner plate and reasonably small too although the course isnít particularly long so most middle handicap golfers would manage to wedge in quite easily. Easily the best hole is the opening hole which to be honest I would stand and hit balls at all day long, and the most picturesque was the fifth rising upwards with the view of the mountain beyond.

During the round there was a quaint little journey through a woodland path between the second and third holes, and all in all it was a pleasant little course to play, not particularly inspiring, but as there was not one other golfer on it at the time, if you like a quiet course this would really suit you.

In summary, bearing in mind this was played in April just out of the winter season and after a very prolonged dry spell - the greens were small and very firm, the fairways were cut far too short with every lie almost a bare lie, and on a couple of holes it wasnít clear where the tees were often ending up looking at the wrong tee from a logical perspective, but having said that the walk on the hillside was enjoyable with some good views, and if like me you were playing for just playing then thereís little wrong with this small course.

If you are looking for a championship style course to play, or you are a real putting legend with a thirst for birdies then this one would be best avoided, if you are however a middle to high handicapper or perhaps a junior looking to get some good practice in then this would suit Ė itís a course that seems to have been designed as a training course so perhaps a good place to learn.

Would I play it again? If I was looking for some solace, some quiet space then definitely, if I was looking to shoot some scores and challenge myself as a low to medium handicap golfer I would look for something else to play, but all courses should be played at least once!

Overall Score: 6.1 / 10

Spean Bridge Gallery April 2013

Spean Bridge Clubhouse Spean Bridge Golf Club Sign The First Hole The Second Hole Shadows Cast By The Sun Through The Trees 

Spean Bridge Gallery 2 April 2013

The Fairways Just Out Of Winter  The Stuniing Mountain View View At The Top Of The Course Course Looks Nice In The Sunshine Two Greens Close Together 

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There are currently no user reviews for this golf course. Why not login and leave the first review!

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